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had clogged ducs and eye masks helped with that.

Dry eye treatment

Heats up easily. Is comfortable to wear. Would buy again

This has worked tremendously. started using it 3days ago and I felt the results immediately

Bruder Dry Eye Mask

Only used once so far, but very happy with the product. Would definitely recommend!

excellent masks

I have used the Bruder eye masks for a couple of weeks and find them very effective in helping with my blefaritis. They are easy to use and work well.

Eyes feel better!

I use this mask daily since I received it and it is helping with my dry eyes! It stays warm much longer then what I was using making it more effective for me.

Dry mask

I use it every day very successfully. Thank you for a good product.

Excellent heat mask

The Bruder moist heat eye compress is easy to use. It relaxes and provides warmth for eye lubrication. Great item.

Best mask for eye care

I had used a competing product in the past. The Bruder Dry Eye Mask was better in several ways. The fit was more secure freeing up my arms in a more comfortable position. The heat stayed warm for the full recommended 10 minutes. One less thing to worry about!


Have been using every other day for two weeks. Previously, I was using eye drops four times a day and I’m now down to once or twice per day. Will start using the mask daily beginning today and feel confident I will no longer need the eye drops. Also, the discomfort has improved 90%. Highly recommend the dry eye mask, it’s an excellent product.

Awesome Dry Eye Mask!!

I suffer from Migraines and very dry eyes. My doctor recommended the mask for moist heat to my eyes. It is soothing to my eyes and helps me sleep much more comfortable with less irritations, which means better sleep.

Great product

Comfortable and eyes feel less dry after using the mask!

Bruder dry eye masks with moist heat warming compress

These masks are easy to use and have really helped my dry eyes. My docotor recommended them and she was right. The costomer service is also great.

Dry eye treatment

My eye doctor recommended that I get a Bruder eye mask for my dry eyes. I had never heard of the product so I bought from the dry eye masks store. The mask works great. Feels like a spa treatment every night I use it. Wonderful.

Game changer

I find the eye mask to be very convenient to use. The price is reasonable . It’s far more efficient than repeatedly heating a wet washcloth, saving time and energy.

Dry Eye

Works great!! Eyes feel so much better.

Dry Eye Mask

This product makes it feel like you have a personal spa for your eyes. It's quick and easy to use without breaking the budget. Using this mask along with other dry eye products is very helpful. I would recommend it to a friend.

So easy to use, feel so much better!

I have used several types of approaches for my condition of dry eye! These masks really are great and retain the amount of heat necessary to address the issues associated with dry eye. Easy to keep clean, easy to clean, I'm staying with the brand knowing it really is so easy to use!

How sweet!

How sweet the relief for my tired, dry eyes at the end of the day, when I swaddle them in my mask and feel the healing heat. Ahhhhhh!


I’m totally satisfied with my product that I received.

Moisture Producing

This mask works great, instant moisture. Very easy to use and comfortable.

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