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I need this for dry eye, it really helps with the problem.

Bruder eye dry eye mask

So far I'm very satisfied with the mask

Cleansing wipe review

I use them on an as-needed basis, and they are great - very soothing.

COMBO OFFER Bruder Dry Eye Mask & Eyelid Sheets (1 Mask and 1 Box of EyeLid Sheets)


I am very pleased with the results and intend to mention to my ophthalmologist at next visit. Beats warm moist packs every night. Results impressive. Thank You !

Eye pads

Really convenient eye pads to use

Bruder Dry Eye Mask

It helps me a lot. Great product

great $ saving product

must have product

Comforting hand warmer

The medibeads hand wrap helps warm my achy hands and ease pain from arthritis.

Bruder Dry Eye Masks With Moist Heat Warming Compress #1 Doctor Recommended

Happy eyes

I thoroughly enjoy using my mask. It keeps my eyes happy!

Eye Mask

Provides relief and comfort to itchy eyes. Sa

Bruder Dry Eye Masks

Works wonderfully!Alot easier than warm wash cloths. And my name isn't Melody!You're confused.

It makes a difference

I was very skeptical about this mask.
But it has made a huge difference in my dry eyes. I try to put this one once a day for 10 minutes. Twice if I remember. What a huge surprise... my eyes aren't weeping for hours anymore. They feel more lubricated and comfortable. Highly recommend 👌

Terry's opinion

Eyelid sheets are great - they protect my mask and help with getting warmth and moisture to my eyes.

Bruder Dry Eye Masks With Moist Heat Warming Compress #1 Doctor Recommended

Bruder Dry Eye Masks With Moist Heat Warming Compress #1 Doctor Recommended

The Bruder Dry Eye Masks and the eyelid sheets are wonderful. They are really helping my swollen eyes not to be swollen any more.

Bruder eye mask

I am very pleased with the relief I get from this mask. I prefer natural approaches to my problems and your mask is a very good one.

Works Very Well

This mask works very well for me. Mine maintains the heat for the entire, recommended time of 10 minutes. It heats up in 25 seconds. I find that if I heat it to the maximum time of 30 seconds, it is very warm, but not too warm to place over my eyes. After wearing it for 10 minutes, my vision is blurred, but that clears up in a maximum of 2 minutes. I find it to be very soothing, and it helps to clear up my already blurred vision caused by my dry eyes, after that initial blurring from the mask. This mask in combination with my omega-3 eyes works well. I think it will work even better once my insurance approves my prescription for dry eye drops! It is certainly worth a try, because having to suffer with dry eyes is very troubling.

Eye masks

The best! My dry eyes are much improved.

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