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MD recommended

My MD recommended this dry mask for me. I use it every day. It has done a lot to reduce my dry eye symptoms.

Bruder Dry Eye Masks With Moist Heat Warming Compress #1 Doctor Recommended

Dry Eye Mask Review

The masks were really great. Thanks for making them so easy and accessible to use.


I am very pleased with the quality of the product. It is quite easy to prepare for use. I microwave for 20 seconds and then flip it over and microwave for an additional 5 seconds. I then lay down and attach the mask over both eyes with the convertible strap. After about 10 minutes, I stop.

Penny Shaw/ Manager

Bruder Masks are wonderful! Everyone should use them!!

Warm and Relaxing

This is my first eye mask and its nice to put on after a long day. My optometrist recommend it and I found this one after searching around on the Internet. I like the headband, not too tight.

Maintains heat for the standard recommend 20minutes

Moist heat is what you need than dry heat. It breaks the skin barrier to get down to muscles and joints. This delivers!


Oooohh ! Finally something that gives me comfort without water dripping down my face.

Great product

Bruder mask has really improved my dry eye problem!

Yes I would buy again

I’ve had dry eyes for ever the warmth feels so nice and they do work

COMBO OFFER Bruder Dry Eye Mask & Eyelid Sheets (1 Mask and 1 Box of EyeLid Sheets)

Excellent Service!

Have to say it twice! Excellent Service!

Dry Eye Relief

This mask has helped my dry eye tremendously! So grateful I ordered.

Dry eye mask is a real soother

I was delighted to find that the Bruder Dry Eye Mask was available on line. This
was my second purchase and was very pleased with the shopping experience
as well as the prompt arrival. The mask itself can be used simply and really
brings a soothing feel to dry, itchy, and irritated eyes.

COMBO OFFER Bruder Dry Eye Mask & Eyelid Sheets (1 Mask and 1 Box of EyeLid Sheets)

Comfortable and Easy to Use

My eye doctor recommended this mask for my dry eyes due to the arid climate where I live. It was easy and fast to heat and very comfortable to use. I really couldn't believe that it would relieve my dry eyes - but it did!

Great product, very helpful for dry, and fatigued eye comfort.

Works like a charm

This eye mask is exactly what I needed to deal with dry eyes. I use it morning and evening and my relief is 100% improved.

Bruder Eye Mask

Quick delivery ate a good price.

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