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This is a comfort to my eyes!

Medibeads Standard Heating Pad 9” x 12” For Shoulder, Back & Abdomen


Nanodropper definitely helps in reducing excessive loss release of medication subsequently preventing excessive loss of fluid. Medications last longer and therefore my cost per year is reduced

The eyelid sheets

They are effective in protecting eyes from any makeup left on eyes. It keeps my eyes feeling moist.

NanoDropper- Eye Drop Adaptor, Reduces Drop by 60%,

Bruder Dry Eye Masks With Moist Heat Warming Compress #1 Doctor Recommended

NanoDropper- Eye Drop Adaptor, Reduces Drop by 60%,


I love these things. I’m on SSI and am 83 and my eye drops are very expensive, and these droppers help them to last longer for me! Big help to me. Thank you so much, Joy Desaro

Masks for everyone!

This mask is full proof if you remember to wear it when you go out. It works!

eyelid wipes

When I, as instructed, use the wipes and the eye mask together, my vision has been clearing up.

Bruder Mask

Never used one before so have no comparison, it is helping some.

Bruder Dry moist heat mask

Great product. Would highly recommend.

Dry Eye Masks Store

This mask absolutely did what I needed it to do. It was very comfortable.


I have had dry eyes my optometrist had me get the mask. I have used it twice and can see a difference. I just ordered more supplies that you need to continue the process. It came with 2 sets to begin with. So far this is a dream. I have had dry eyes no tears. Today I got tears. Thankyou and my eye doctor for prescribing this product.

eye mask review

From the first time I used it, my vision began to clear up. I use it every day.

Bruder dry eye mask

I’ve been using it for a week and I love how the warmth feels on my eyes. It must be working because I’m bleary eyed for a few seconds after I take mask off.

It works

I'm just now starting a new bottle of eye meds using the nanodropper. The nanodropper seems to produce a much more efficient drop size. No more excess running down my cheek. I'm curious how many more days I will be able to use this newly opened bottle compared to the former bottle without the nanodropper.

Bruder Dry Eye Masks With Moist Heat Warming Compress #1 Doctor Recommended

Works well and is comfortable

Heats my eye area evenly and produces a more hydrated feel for which I’m thankful. Easy to use and is a relaxing part of my day!

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