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Dry Eye Mask For Contact Lens Users By Eyeleve Bruder
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Contact lenses tend to destabilize eyes by interrupting the smooth flow of tears. This can lead to itching, burning and redness known as contact lens-related dry eye (CLDR). Eyeleve™ dry eye mask can provide effective relief from CLDR symptoms and extend comfortable wearing time of contact lenses by up to 3 hours.


Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is caused by a blockage or abnormality in the meibomian glands that prevents the secretion of oil into the tears. MGD is considered the leading cause of dry eye, and can worsen the irritation and dryness associated with contact lenses.

While MGD is a chronic, lifelong condition, it can be improved by using Eyeleve™. The extended warmth of the compress raises the eyelid temperature and liquifies clogged glands, naturally lubricating the eyes and relieving symptoms of dry eye.


In a clinical study at NYU, researchers found that the eyes of contact lens wearers had three times the usual levels of certain bacteria than the eyes of non-wearers. Bacteria can cause corneal infection and ulcers and, in extreme cases, lead to blindness.


The Eyeleve™ compress uses technology that has been tested at the University of Alabama’s School of Optometry. The study compared people who used the compress with people who used a warm washcloth. Researchers found that compress users:

Had significantly improved meibomian gland function
Reduced their overall eye discomfort
Extended their comfortable wear time of contact lenses by up to 3 hours
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    Bruder eye mask

    The mask is much more convenient than wetting a rag, and last 8 to 10 min. Follow all directions they are right on. Would highly recommend.

    Great help for dry eye!!

    Great mask to help with dry eye. Loved the extras sent with mask.

    Great mask!

    Love this mask. Perfect for after lunch nap prep. Elastic too tight so I just lay it on my eyes after warning it. Bought two for friends and family.

    Perfect solution

    The eye mask is so much easier to use than trying to keep a wet washcloth warm for 10 minutes and there are no drips. My doctor said I should do it twice a day and the mask makes the treatment so much easier.

    dry eye mask better than expected

    My eye doctor said I have dry eyes and in addition to advising the use of eye drops she suggested daily use of the Bruder mask. She said a hot compress does not retain the heat for long enough and the mask would be better. The mask came quickly in the mail. Instructions say to use for 8-10 minutes at a time so I began with 8 minutes after microwaving the mask, thinking "I will never be able to sit still this long!" , but I had Alexa set a timer and lay down with the best and it was the most lovely experience! I went into a zen mode and relaxed, it felt great. Instructions say that your vision is is bit blurry afterward and that is true, but it goes away quickly. Worth the money, very well-made product.