A Remedy for Dry Eye Syndrome

All living being has the tendency of shedding tears. Tears are of three types. There are different categories of dry eyes, depending upon the component which is affected. Proper blinking is much needed when we are working in laptop, using mobile etc. Using Bruders Moist Heat Compress which is designed with Medibeads technology can help reduce dry eye syndrome to a great extent. Read Full Article


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Comforting and Soothing

I have found this eye mask to be so comforting and soothing and really helps my eyes.

Eyelid sheets work

They are the perfect size and work great to keep your Bruder mask clean and free of oils from your face and eyes!

Dry Ee Mask

Recommended by my Eye Doctor for dry eyes. Easy to use. Heat in microwave and adjust the band around your head. Relaxing and efficient way to help my dry eyes.

Consistent quality

I order new masks every few months. They always arrive quickly and are always high-quality.