Eyedrops Are Too Big & You Pay for the Waste But Now There is a Solution

Current eyedrop bottles dispense about five times the liquid your eye can absorb. Up to 80% of every drop is wasted due to overflow onto your cheek, or drainage by the tear ducts where the medication is absorbed into the rest of your body.

Decades of clinical research has shown that smaller drops are as effective, and in many cases, safer than current drops — yet you are still forced to pay for this wasted medication.

What Can You Do? Use Nanodropper

Nanodropper Makes Drops the Ideal Size for Your Eye

The Nanodropper is the only FDA-listed, volume-reducing adaptor for eyedrop bottles. By simply twisting the Nanodropper onto a compatible bottle, you can reduce the drop-size by over 60%. Smaller drops have been shown to reduce waste, cost, and side effects. Our team’s mission is to increase access to expensive prescription eye medications, one drop at a time.

If you’re not sure, ask your eyecare professional if Nanodropper is right for you!

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