Ways To Keep Away Dry Eyes Caused By Winter

Winter is not one of the seasons to enjoy for some people. When winter arrives in America, people get tensed because the nails, hair and skin dry out. It is also known to affect the eyes, especially dry eyes. The name may be new for some people. So let us take a brief look on what are dry eyes

It is a condition in which the tear film present in the eyes is not secreted properly and makes the eyes to dry out. Tear film is responsible for lubricating the eyes and when a person suffers from dry eye condition, they don’t feel comfortable at all. There are some things that we must do on a routine basis to stay comfortable during winter season.

Using rewetting drops:

Rewetting drops are also known as artificial tears. They are the first line of defense when someone suffers from dry eyes and a must have product during winter season. This is because the humidity is low during winter season and the air gets dry when the indoor heater unit is switched on. They are to be used at least two times a day and when the condition is severe, one can use it more than two times. However, we need prior consultation from the ophthalmologist to use it as required. It is one of the proactive measures to prevent the eyes from severe dry eye condition. Artificial tears may not be of any use when the condition is very severe. Always go for the preservative free variant to be free from eye irritation and do not use redness removing eye drops as it can worsen the situation.

Directing the heaters to a different direction:

When you want to stay warm, you are putting your eyes at risk. When the eyes are dry already, warm air blowing on it makes the situation worse as it causes the tear in eyes to evaporate. So make sure that the heater is not pointed towards you. When you travelling or driving a car, make sure that the heaters are not pointed towards as we saw previously. Using defroster is also an issue as the air hits the windshield and turns towards the eyes. Alternatively, one can turn the defroster towards his feet and can wear sunglasses, if they want to keep the defroster running.

Wearing sunglasses and going out:

The usage of sunglasses is less in winter season than summer season. But it is important to use them even during winter to combat dry eyes because of the dry air flowing around. According to American Optometric Association, one must wear sunglasses when he is going out and especially wrap around frames are better compared to traditional frame models. Small glasses may look trendy, but it won’t provide better protection.

Using humidifier in workplace or in home:

We can use a humidifier in home or in workplace to make sure that the air is humid enough to keep the eyes moisturized. This is also recommended by American Optometric Association.

Using warm eyelid compress on a routine basis:

There are various factors for dry eyes and one of them is meibomian gland dysfunction. Meibomian glands are responsible for producing tear oil required for our eyes and are present under the eyelids. When it is not functioning properly, it can cause evaporation of tears very swiftly. One can also use warm eyelid compress to manage this condition and for proper functioning of tear glands. One can wet a soft cloth, wring it and apply it over the eyelid for 10-15 minutes. If the condition is still prevalent, consult your ophthalmologist immediately.

The 20-20 rule:

When we are using the phone or computer for a long time, we can follow the 20-20 rule. Sticking to the computer for a long time may bring laurels for you and profit for your boss but in fact, it will cause dry eyes. People do not blink normally while working on a computer and it results in reduced tear film in eyes. To overcome this issue, one can look at a distant object 20 feet away every 20 minutes, for 20 seconds.

Having hygienic environment around:

We must clean our living space once in a week to remove dust and other minute particles. Dust mites are known to feed on our dead skin flakes and are known to cause allergies. This in turn causes the eyes to get irritated and when the person is having dry eyes, the eyes will get irritated even further. It is advisable to vacuum the place once in a week. Similarly the mattress and pillows can be encased in allergen free covers and washing it in hot water once in a week is recommended.

Keeping distance from wood fire:

During winter time, we try to get warm by sitting around an open fire. But the smoke that gets emanated from the fire can cause the tears to get evaporated, causing dry eyes. It is okay if you are burning the wood while hanging out with friends outside but in case if you do this on a routine basis at home, make sure that there is good ventilation. Also try to limit its usage and keep yourself away from the fire.


During winter, the skin is known to get dry as well as some other parts of the body. This is because of the cold air flowing during winter. It is also important to sit away from the fire during winter time. There are also other things as well. Let us know the reason.

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