Things To Avoid If You Suffer From Dry Eyes

There is no detailed introduction needed for dry eyes. It is a cause of worry for most people. Here are some tips that people with dry eyes should avoid.

Aeroplanes are the first thing to be avoided. They play havoc with people having dry eyes. Heat, bright light and air conditioning can make the eyes feel miserable. People who also watch movies in aeroplane blink less, thus aggravating the problem. Try to avoid watching movies in-flight and also not to use laptops. Wear eye shield which helps to trap moisture inside eyes and prevent evaporation.

Shopping centres comes next in the list. They are one of the worst culprits because of the combination of colourful lights with dry air. To avoid the eyes getting dry, use sunglasses which act as a barrier to evaporation. Wrap-around sunglasses are best to protect the eyes from drying effects of A/C.

Ceiling fans also evaporates the moisture present in eyes because of the movng air. This is why we feel as if there is sand in our eyes, when we wake up. A simple eye mask will make you feel better during sleep.

Oral antihistamines are known to cause dry eyes because they reduce tear production in eyes and also increase the amount of inflammatory cells on the eye surface. To overcome this issue, use antihistamine eye drops instead of the oral one.

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