Simple Steps For Healthy Eyes In Teenagers

Teenagers are much concerned about their health. When they age, they want to remain young, use cosmetics and other things to project themselves young. Eye is one of the most important organs in our body. Along with personal health, it is necessary to take care of it in all possible ways.

Regular eye checkup is very important. If you don’t wear eye glasses or contact lenses, you may think that regular eye checkup is not necessary. But there are chances that our eye may suffer from conditions which do not show any symptom at first. To avoid permanent damage to eyes, it is important to check your eyes regularly.

Spending a long time on mobile phones and laptop is usual during teenage. Digital devices become unavoidable and it can pose adverse effects on eyes. The blue light emitted from the screen of computers is toxic to the eyes and can damage the eye cells. It is recommended to use blue light filter glass while using computers. It also ensures a good sleep at night. However blue light is not the only culprit, digital eye strain is also caused by computer screens. If it is left untreatable, it can cause severe harm to the eyes. It is advisable to take rest for fifteen minutes when you are sitting for a long time on computers.

Skin creams contain retinol and vitamin A. They are used to close the pores present on the skin and to give a polished skin look. By using these creams, they can close meibomian glands, disrupting the secretion of oil. This is why it is advisable to apply the cream below the bone beneath the eyes and not to apply on the soft tissues. Don not use decongestant eye drops as it can constrict blood vessels and affect oxygen supply to eyes. One of the best alternatives is to use eye gel mask. Keep it in a freezer and apply it in the morning for five minutes before you go out to party.

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