Reasons Why People Give Up Contact Lenses

In modern times, contact lenses have helped most of the people. They get benefitted each and every day from wearing contact lenses. However there is also an unknown fact that nearly 50 percent of the contact lens wearers give up wearing contact lenses on the first year itself. This is a high failure rate and in fact nearly 70 percent of the people wear contact lenses even after ten years. Wearing discomfort accounts for these kinds of failures. There are also other reasons, let us see them in detail.

Contact lens manufacturing companies advertise contact lenses as one-size –fits-all. Even today ophthalmologists believe that contact lens fitting does not need too much of effort. Disposable lenses, in fact, are not comfortable to everyone and ophthalmologists only see if the contact lenses are fitting rightly on the eyeball. They do not see whether it is comfortable for the eyelids also. They must be also comfortable in our working environment where there are many air conditioners. Custom- made contact lenses are therefore used to provide comfort for the wearers.

Contact lens wearers must know fully about their lens solution that they are using. Artificial tears on the other hand contain preservatives which are harmful for the eyes. They also disturb tear producing capacity of the eyes. Preservative free solutions are one of the best things to be used along with contact lenses. They should not be also worn during sleep time. Always keep p with your wear schedule and to check up regularly. This also ensures early detection of any kind of eye conditions, if it is there. One of the best examples is Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis which causes bumps on the inner side of eyelids. This is mainly caused because of incompatible lens solution and improper lens fitting.

The cornea in our eyes is also checked. It gets oxygen from the tears that are produced in our eyes. When people wear contact lenses, they do not get oxygen supply properly. This is why new blood vessels are grown in the eyes in a process known as neovascularisation. These new vessels go bloodless once the lens wearing is reduced, but they remain on the eyes permanently.

Tips for proper contact lens wear:

Always approach an expert who is good at fitting contact lenses. They will provide you with variety of options. Always stick to the instructions given by the optometrist and check your eyes at least every six months. Don’t use solutions with preservatives.

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