Protecting The Eyes During Bushfire Season

Before you are aware of the visible smoke, bush fire can target your eyes and can cause eye irritation. Generally smoke contains gas as well as liquid particles. Visible smoke contains particles such as tar, ash, soot etc. These particles are capable of travelling more than thousand kilometers and affect air quality. The air thus becomes unfit for breathing because of the particles present in it and damages our eyes, lungs and throat. Fine particles are responsible for irritating the eyes.

Exposure to smoke causes respiratory conditions such as emphysema and asthma. This condition leads to breathe shortness and coughing. Eyes are prone to larger particles getting stuck in the eyes, throat and nose. Finer particles are capable of penetrating in the lungs. Sometimes hot smoke is known to cause dry eyes and can also aggravate the condition.

To reduce irritation caused by smoke, it is recommended to stay indoors and be away from the smoke as much as possible. If you are driving a car, re-circulate the air present inside the car than taking out air from outside while you have switched on the A/C. try to go to a gym instead of doing exercises outdoor. Preservative free ocular lubricants are available which are used to remove smoke particles from eyes. Always wear sunglasses as well as a round hat while you go outside. This will protect the eyes from airborne particles getting inside.

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