Ortho Keratology And Myopia

Orthokeratology involves the procedure of using contact lenses, especially hard ones during sleep. It is used to reshape the front portion of eyes and works to reduce myopia slowly. It is done to treat nearsightedness without the use of prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Rigid glass permeable contact lens is used to reshape the cornea and to eliminate myopia. It has to be worn during night time while sleeping and removed in the morning. Right from the next day, the corneal curvature begins to change and the vision gets sharper. This also slows down the myopia progression in children and is widely used nowadays. Recently, new designs are available and are also effective for both children as well as adults. They are safe for the eyes and are non invasive.

Ortho – K has to be done under an experienced ophthalmologist. It is the best way to correct myopia and slows down its progression. It is one of the best options for children as they are engaged in more physical activities like sports, swimming etc. It is not required to be worn for a full day, so that the patients are not worried at all. Another biggest advantage is that it does not induce dry eyes as it is not worn during day time.

Ortho Keratology Treatment procedure:

Before fitting the lens in eyes, the degree of myopia and astigmatism is measured. Corneal topographer is used to map the front surface of the eye in a digital format and the lens is ordered according to the corneal shape. The doctor will give all the necessary instructions like wearing, removal and cleaning of the lens. Initially, it is required to be worn for a night and return to the ophthalmologist for review. If there are noticeable changes, then it can be worn for a week and then reviewed. The lens can be adjusted while reviewing.

Some of the advantages are: it is readily available and is non-surgical. The patient will get freedom from daytime usage and is a proven method for improving vision. The disadvantage is that it is non-permanent, as it has to worn regularly and needs regular visit to the ophthalmologist. It is known to correct myopia but chances for correcting astigmatism and hyperopia are less. It is also expensive compared to eyeglasses and contact lenses.

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