Naturally Soothing Eye Strain: Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies

Eye strain is a common eye condition. Most of us do not take it serious and just ignore it. However, if taken lightly, it can become chronic and can lead to serious eye conditions. There are various causes and symptoms for this condition. Natural remedies are also available to ease this condition. The best thing is to always visit a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Eye Strain Causes

Some of the causes of eye strain are poor diet, poor posture, bad viewing angle, excessive intake of alcohol, contact lens usage, poor quality eye glass, stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, working in excessive or insufficient lighting conditions, failure to blink while working for a long time.

Eye Strain Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of this condition are reduced side vision, mild headache, lack of concentration, watery eyes, double vision, heavy feeling in forehead, spasms around eyes, burning in eyes, teary eyes when the eyes are closed, blurred vision, dizziness etc.

Natural Home Remedies For Eye Strain

There are some natural remedies available which are known to alleviate eye strain symptoms. However they are anecdotally passed from one person to another and there is no clinical proof. Castor oil is known to relieve eye strain. One can apply a drop of it in each eye. Alternatively, one can use clarified butter, rub it with hands and apply it over the eyelids. Lemon juice and water extract is also known to ease eye strain. Mix ten drops of lemon juice in a big bowl containing water. Dip your face in, open and close the eyes for few seconds. Repeat it for five times at regular intervals.

Honey is also a good natural remedy. Lie down on a bed and apply each drop of honey on the eyes. Leave it in the eyes for five minutes and wash it in plain water. This will enhance tear secretion and moisten the eyes. One can also use four grams of alum powder mixed in 30 grams of rose water and store it in a glass bottle. Use it daily as an eye drop every night to relieve tiredness and eye inflammation.

Warm compress is also known to relieve eye strain. Soak a towel for some time in warm water. Make sure that it is not too warm. Wring the towel and apply it over the eyelids, facing the ceiling of your room. One can also mix a teaspoon of fennel seeds in a cup of boiling water and leave it sometime to cool it down. Use it as eye drops during day time to relieve eyes from eye strain, redness and inflammation.

It is always important to note that these are not clinically proven except Warm Compress (Soothing relief for Eye strain). Some of these things are not sterile and can lead to eye infection. One of the best examples is tap water. Tap water contains bacteria and fungi and so it is important to boil it and use it. Apart from these remedies, it is also important to blink the eyes at regular time intervals to get relieved from eye strain.

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