Its Winter Season: Let’s Combat Dry Eyes

Cold winds that touch our face during winter season as well as dry and warm air that blows from the car vents are known to aggravate dry eye condition. However, there are many way to ease this condition and there is nothing to worry about. There are some factors such as medical condition of a person, gender and age that ate linked to dry eye condition. Digital eye strain is also known to cause dry eyes and even long time usage of contact lenses. In America, winter is known to arrive in the mid of December but in other parts of the country, it has already set its foot.

When a person’s eyes are not able to produce enough tears to lubricate the eyes, dry eye condition occurs. Tears are very important for the eyes. They act as a protective substance when there is any foreign material present in the eyes. In addition to this, they provide lubrication, make the eye surface smooth and reduce the risk of getting eye infection. When the eyes produce excessive tears, it drains back to the back of nose through the drainage ducts present on the eye corner. When this is not balanced, dry eye condition occurs.

During winter, the air is less humid and most people complain about dry eyes and it is a cause of misery for many. According to the National Eye Institute, some of the symptoms of dry eyes are heavy eyelids, burning eyes, stinging eyes, eye fatigue, excessive tear flow, gritty feeling in eyes, discharge from eyes, redness in eyes, eye pain, blurred vision, discomfort in wearing lens and decreased tolerance while reading.

As dry eyes is known to make excessive watering of eyes, it is also known to reduce the supply of oily tears in eyes. During this time, one can apply warm compress over eyes to increase blood supply to meibomian glands. There are varieties of options to conserve tears in eyes and increase its flow. Artificial tears are used to replace tear film in eyes. But before using it, it is recommended to take necessary instructions from the ophthalmologist. The discomfort can also be reduced by blinking often, wearing proper sunglasses that are known to block UV rays, having nutrition rich foods and supplements, increasing the humidity in air and drinking plenty of water. It is also advised to take eye drops frequently as advised by the doctor and to use warm compress during bedtime.


Dry eyes are a cause of concern for many. They are also known to produce watery eyes and as well as blocking the glands that produce fluids that are important for proper functioning of eyes. There are several ways involved in managing dry eyes and protecting the eyes for a good vision. Let us know it in detail.

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