Here Arrives Winter! Protect Your Eyes Now!

Most of the people think that sunburn is caused during summer while lying on a sandy beach but in fact, sunburn could occur in any season, including winter and surprisingly, winter is very dangerous when compared to summer. The skin is known to get tightened up during winter and our eyes can get various problems during winter season. The air is very dry in winter and people usually turn on the heater in their home as well as in our working place. This in turn causes the eyes to get dry and there is no adequate tear flow. One of the best ways to tackle this problem is by staying hydrated and we can also turn off the heater in car while driving and instead we can use a humidifier.

When our eyes are exposed to sunlight for a long time during winter, it can cause temporary blindness. This condition is also known as snow blindness. People who are on slopes are susceptible to this condition because the snow gets reflected and things that we see look bright. Snowboarders and skiers are mostly affected from snow blindness. Snow blindness is not noticeable in the beginning and it can take some hours to identify it. By the time you notice it, you would have already got exposed to sun.

Sunglasses that are able to block 100 percent UV rays are best suited for winter season. It is to be noted that polarization is very important as it is designed to reflect light coming from various directions. If you don’t have one, buy it as soon as possible. Specially designed goggles are available for winter athletes such as snowboarders and skiers because sunglasses cannot provide them total coverage of their eyes and it can also fall down. If you still have doubts about snow blindness, consult your doctor.


Dry air is associated with winter and it is known to cause dry eyes. There is no regular flow of tears in eyes and it can cause other eye conditions as well. Sunglasses are not just enough for people who are involved in sports activities. In fact, winter reflects more sun-rays than summer.

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