Eye Safety For Children

Children between 1 to 2 years are known as toddlers. They are curious little creatures. Depth perception and eye hand coordination is well developed and enthusiastically explore everything in their hold. To prevent eye problem in toddlers we can roll a ball back and forth, to visually track objects. Similarly we can read them a story so that they can visualize what they heard. To develop problem solving skills we can play puzzles with them. The vision problems in children are caused by sitting too close to T.V, rubbing eyes or tilting head, sensitivity to light. Difficulty in eye- hand coordination, avoiding activities like coloring and puzzles, short span of attention. They can be prevented if noticed early.

During 3 years age, make sure that eye health and vision is good by visiting a doctor. In case of abnormality, the doctor may prescribe therapy or prescription glasses. Most problems during this stage are correctable at this stage. Strengthen visual perception by playing jigsaw puzzles, number or shape games.

When the children turn 5 or 6, they need a complete eye checkup because at this age problems like nearsightedness and farsightedness can creep in. when they start going to school, schedule eye treatment once in a year. The doctor will usually check for distant vision and if found, he will provide eye glasses, vision therapy or contact lenses.

In children, protecting the eyes from injury becomes the essential part to maintain a healthy vision. Sports, recreation, craft, projects are some of the activities where children meet the risk. It is important to use protective glasses while involving in such activities. Normally children sustain eye damage.  

Methods of Preventing Injuries:

Children should wear sports eye covers made with polycarbonate lenses for outdoor games. Chemicals and sprays are to be kept out of reach of children. Parents need to safely use common items that may cause serious eye injury. Children should be taught to be eye smart and safeguard their sight with eye glasses. Sports goggles provide protection.     

        As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than the cure", any ailment could be prevented with proper precautions. Surgery is just an option in few most extreme cases. Regular eye examination remains the first step in the precautionary rules.

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