Dry Eyes And Winter: Things To Know About It

Is your eye feeling dry and scratchy? Is it getting red or watering excessively? There is something wrong with the eyes and when you look at the mirror, you won’t find anything in the eyes. This is all because of dry eyes and when there is cold air, dryness is also there. Even in Washington, when the climate is humid, the eyes are known to dry out soon. Even if the person is not suffering from dry eyes, this kind of weather can make the eyes to dry out. The number of people who are visiting the ophthalmologist on a daily basis has increased. They think that there is something in the eyes but in fact, it is nothing but dry eyes. If you notice blurriness during night time while driving, dry eyes may be the cause for it.

This condition is not curable, but it can be managed. The best way is to consult a doctor as soon as you feel the symptoms and diagnose the eyes. Usually artificial tears are prescribed by the doctor at first and it acts like the first line of defense. They are to be taken at regular time intervals on a daily basis. Drops containing vasoconstrictors and allergy drops must not be used as it can make the condition worse. To set the humid right at home, one can also use a humidifier. Increased blinking rate is also known to maintain tear film in eyes. If the dryness is severe, laser treatment is done to restore tear production and one can also protect the eyes by wearing sunglasses. Do not try to rub your eyes vigorously as it can cause inflammation in the eyes. 

Consult your doctor to know more about dry eyes and ways to manage it.


Is the air outside cold? Then it is surely a cause of concern as you will feel that something different is with your eyes. When you try to look your eyes in the mirror, you won’t find anything. Let us see why cold air is not good for the eyes and how it affects the eyes.

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