Detecting Eye Diseases With The Help Of Glow Behind Eyes

One cannot deny the fact that technology has advanced so much in recent years. Likewise, in the field of photography, it has led to delete unwanted elements in a picture. One of the best examples is red eye correction. It is advised not to use red eye correction with the image editing software you have. This is because the glow may indicate a serious eye condition. It may also indicate cancer sometimes.

The white glow in eyes is usually skipped as a byproduct of flash photography. But if there is presence of white glow in eyes in all the photos, it is an alarming situation and consultation with a doctor is necessary. Recently ‘Know the Glow’ campaign was held. Its main aim is to educate parents about the white glow in eyes. This all started with a mother who noticed his son’s eyes in photography showing white glow in a consistent manner. She suddenly took his son to a doctor and to her shock; her son was diagnosed with Coat’s disease, which is a blinding eye condition. Because of her swift action, it was treated immediately and the eye was fully recovered.

Procedure for conducting the test:

Take pictures in different angles as well as different lighting conditions of your children using flash. Do not edit the photograph and check whether there is white glow in one of the eyes. If there is white glow, consult a doctor immediately.

Possible eye conditions associated with the glow:

Retinoblastoma is an eye cancer. It is actually a tumor caused by immature cells present in retina. It affects children up to five years of age. Coat’s disease is caused by undeveloped blood vessels present in retina. It can lead to blindness and detachment of retina. These two conditions may be the reason behind the white glow. Sometimes it can also mean some other conditions such as trauma, cataract, retinal detachment etc.

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