How To Manage Chronic Dry Eyes Syndrome?

There are several reasons for dry eyes. Visiting an ophthalmologist is the best way to manage dry eyes. It is a state where the tear producing capacity becomes less or it is not produced in right proportion. The burning, redness or stingy sensation in the eyes can be due to dry eyes syndrome and not visiting the ophthalmologist at the earliest can make the problem worse.

Dr. Richard Cohn, celebrated as a greatly- certified ophthalmologist and a trained glaucoma specialist, is a specialist in the state-of-the-art no-stitch cataract surgery. In this article, learn how to cure chronic dry eyes he describes how to manage dry eyes problem if it becomes chronic.

He described how important it is to blink our eyes at regular intervals. He also described the causes of dry eyes and various ways to cure it. Various factors like diabetes, contact lens use, pregnancy, allergies, prolonged exposure to fans and air conditioners can also cause dry eyes.

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