Atropine – A Cure For Short-sightedness?

Day after day myopia is affecting more number of children. It is very important to control this condition during the initial stage. This condition affects a person throughout life and can also cause several eye conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract etc. However there is no cure for this condition, it can be controlled from growing further. These techniques are usually practiced all over the world. Research has revealed that in Taiwan, more than 90 percent of children are short sighted right from the time after schooling.

Atropine therapy:

Atropine eye drops is used to keep the pupil dilated for people suffering from uveitis or iritis. In earlier times, atropine was used to enlarge the pupils to make it look attractive. They block the eye muscles responsible for constricting the pupils and for close focus.  Recent studies have linked myopia to focusing and so by turning off the eye focusing mechanism, the progression of myopia can be slowed down.

ATOM trials, also known as Atropine Treatment of Myopia was conducted for five years on a number of Asian children. The result findings were impressive. Even when the concentration was 0.01 percent, the myopia progression rate was slowed by 50 percent. When it was stopped after five years, it was observed that the child was less likely to become short sighted.

If a child is going atropine therapy, a prescription form has to be filled for low concentration of eye drops. They are to be used daily for seven years.

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