Association of Dry Eyes With Winter Season

For nearly 10 years, the 50-year-old Walter White felt that his eyes are watering excessively; the eyes have a burning sensation and sensitivity to light. He also noticed that when he was working on a computer, the glare of the lights in addition to the air conditioner is making the eye condition worse. At first he thought that it is all because of his contact lenses. After a year later, he visited his ophthalmologist and conducted a comprehensive eye examination. Finally it is concluded that Walter White is diagnosed with dry eyes. Many people suffer from eye irritation and to get relief, they rub or blink their eyes. Initially they think that it is just a temporary annoying condition, but in fact, it is a serious condition and should be treated as early as possible.

According to ophthalmologists, some of the warning signs for dry eyes are: redness, burning sensation in eyes, blurred vision, irritation, scratchy feeling, mucus secretion, lack of clear vision and excessive watering. It is very important to treat the eyes if any of the symptoms arises. Otherwise it could damage the eye tissue and lead to corneal scar. When a person is suffering from dry eyes and if he is a contact lens wearer, it is recommended not to wear lens till the condition gets resolved. There is also higher chance of infection as well.

The dry eye condition is also known to get increased during winter season because the air is drier outside when compared to inside warm air. While a person is sitting inside the home watching television or reading a book, dry eyes can get aggravated and the person will blink less. This is why people who are working in the office have higher chance of getting dry eye condition. There is no way to completely cure this condition but it can be managed by using oral medications, using night-time gels, prescription eye drops  and by increasing the humidity. Punctal plugs are also used in some cases to slow down tear loss and evaporation. Consult your doctor to know more about dry eyes.

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