Adult Eye Safety

Adults between the ages of 19 and 40 might enjoy good eyes and sight. The problems arise with the age group that experiences visual stress or any form of eye injuries. It is essential to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Protection of eyes from stress and injury is vital these days. Perfect vision is necessary in all fields. 

The following are few points to be taken care of in order to sustain healthy eyes and clear vision: Eating a balanced diet is essential. Foods rich in antioxidants like leafy, green vegetables and fish are consumed.  Exposure of eyes to chemicals increase the risk. Regular exercise improves blood circulation and helps in removing toxins. Eyes need protection from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Sunscreen can be used. Prolonged exposure to digital devices, LED and fluorescent lights damage the retina. Protective glasses and lens should be used. Regular eye check-up is needed. 

Steps to take to minimise eyestrain: Eye strain is a common phenomenon. After a hectic work in school or college by reading or working on a computer we may feel eyestrain. To protect eyes from harmful rays of computer the screen should be adjusted for proper vision. The screen brightness must be comfortable. Usage of proper lighting is needed and proper interval is needed. Maintaining proper posture is quite essential and use an adjustable chair with back support. Keep your feet straight down on the floor and the hands should be a little up so that you can freely type. Avoid overhead lightning and use a shaded desk lamp for specific tasks.

When you are working in a factory or any other establishment chemical burns, cuts in the cornea and foreign particles can fall in the eye. Always use a protective wearing to protect your eyes. When you are playing games like football or hockey outdoors, use special eye protection to protect your eyes.

Always wear a sunglass when you are going outside to protect yourself from the blue light present in ultraviolet rays. Use it even on a cloudy or a winter day.

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