5 Successful Dry Eye Treatments That Work Effectively

When summer is there, there is rise in usage of air conditioner as well as cooler fans. Outside, the environment is full of hot and gusty wind. This can aggravate the eyes and can cause dry eyes. To overcome this issue, artificial tears are used but this is just a symptomatic relief and not a permanent one. Let us see some of the successful treatments for dry eyes.

Managing the inflammation:

First of all it is very important to manage the inflammation as all dry eyes are associated with inflammation. Swelling, redness and pain are associated with inflammation. Heat is a main factor for aggravating inflammation and this is why many ophthalmologists advise to do a warm compress. Cold eye compress is also good and can be done until the inflammation lowers down. Cold eye compress involves a gel eye pack which is kept in freezer and cooled for some time. It is then applied over the eyes for ten to fifteen minutes. Steroid drops in exact amount are also used along with cold compress for the successful management of inflammation. They must be used only for a shorter period of time. Within a day, the eyes will feel better. They are not available without a prescription and it is also recommended to use unpreserved eye drops rather that preserved one, as it can harm the eyes.

Getting the tear glands work effectively:

Tears contain water as well as oily components. Water comes from lacrimal glands present under our eyebrows and this gland can get inflamed. Oily tears come from the oil glands present on the eyelids. These glands can get blocked I the oil becomes waxy. Antibiotic tablets are available to improve the oil producing capacity.

Taking care of diet:

Diet is one of the important factors for healthy eyes. Essential fatty acids are required for proper functioning of cells in our body. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are also important. Mostly omega fatty acids are not present in Western diet and so it is important to add it in the form of supplement. But the real change always lies on the food we eat. It is advisable to add a gram of fish oil daily.

Moisture adding eye wear:

If a person is suffering from severe dry eyes, it becomes difficult for him to watch television. This is why some people go to bed early because they feel uncomfortable to sit and watch television or read something. This is because they cannot keep their eyes open for a long time. Special type of glasses is available to seal the eyes from outside. They act like a moisture containing chamber and are very helpful for the patients suffering from dry eyes. They allow them to carry out leisure activities in the evening without any hassle.

Scleral contact lenses:

Sclera contact lenses are one of the options for countering dry eyes. They cover up the ultra sensitive cornea and create a fluid chamber over the front portion of eyes. However it is required to get it fit by an expert ophthalmologist.

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