10 Eye Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

There are some people in world who do nothing even after knowing that there is something not well with them. They just follow ‘wait and see’ policy, to get the things clear up on its own. But this will not work for all the matters, especially where health is concerned. When it comes to eyes, one should not ignore any symptom. Making an appointment with the doctor is also easy nowadays. Let us see ten eye symptoms one must not ignore.

Visual Acuity

The first one is Visual Acuity. If you have difficulty in reading a newspaper, or when you are not able to see road signs at a distance, it is because of visual acuity. Friends and family members will make fun of you when you are not able to see things clearly. Do not take it lightly and consult a doctor as soon as possible. Loss of peripheral vision is also associated with visual acuity and can occur when the condition is left untreated.

Blurred vision

Blurred vision is the next thing in list to care about. It can indicate that something is not right with the eyes. It can also mean problems in brain as well as high blood pressure.

Dry Eyes

Persistent dry eyes are caused by staring on the digital screen for a long time. It can also give rise to Computer Vision Syndrome. To overcome this issue, try to relax yourself once in an hour and look at a distance for twenty seconds to relax your eyes.


Persistent wet eyes are caused by the blockage of tear ducts. The tears are not able to drain properly and it can be cleared by a minor surgery.

Light effect is also one of the factors to be noticed. When we drive a car at night, the bright light causes glare in eyes. We may also see some light flashes, but if noticed clearly, there are no light sources around. Some may also need additional light to read things when they are out to dine in a restaurant and try to read the menu card in dim candle light.

Eye pain

Eye pain is also one of the factors to be taken care of. Do not wait for it to clear on its own and never try to self medicate on your own without knowing what condition it is. Sometimes it can mean a more serious condition and self medication can aggravate the underlying problem. Seek medical assistance immediately when you have painful eyes.

Cobweb-like structures which appear in our field of vision are known as floaters. They appear like floating when you know well that they are really not there. It is required to take immediate action before they cover most of the vision field.

Eyelid swelling

Eyelid swelling is also a serious problem. There are many reasons for eyelid swelling and it can indicate variety of infections. Early intervention ensures early recovery. Lubricate the eyes on a regular basis and keep it free from infection.

Pink Eyes

Pink eyes are another cause of concern. Over the counter drops are known to provide some relief, but in reality some drops can alleviate the problem because of preservatives present in it. If it does not clear on its own, consult an ophthalmologist.

Crusty Eyes

Crusty eyes and discharge from eyes in any form is serious and needs immediate treatment. Rubbing the eyes during this time can alleviate the problem and can lead to serious eye conditions.

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